Second Party Audit (SPA)

A second-party audit is when a company performs an audit of a supplier to ensure that they are meeting the requirements specified in the contract. These requirements may include special control over certain processes (such as soldering or welding), requirements on traceability of parts (knowing which parts are used in which products), requirements for special cleanliness standards, requirements for specific documentation, or any of a host of other items of special interest to that customer. These audits can be done on-site by reviewing the processes or even off-site by reviewing documents submitted by the supplier. The customer can audit all or part of the contract – whatever they see a need to audit. It is important to understand that a second-party audit is between the customer and the supplier and has nothing to do with becoming certified.

2nd party audit is a requirement of customer, which is above the requirement of ISO or a predefined standard. There are many Big Industries who require 2nd party audit and are having a special department for this activity.

Many overseas customer who are having suppliers in other countries, they need to conduct the Second Party audit to verify as per their own checklist, weather their supplier fulfill the requirements of their product specific requirements or not.

2nd party audit is an important auditing practices now used world wide to check the adequacy of supplier’s with respect to their own standard.

Third Party Inpection (TPI)

3m Group Service provides the wide range Third party inspection activities.
We cover wide range of industrial product sector – Fabrication & Sheet Metal Products, Machinery & Equipment, Wholesale & Retail Trade, Transport & Storage, Engineering Services, Plastic & Rubber Products, Electrical & Optical Equipment, Textile & Textile products – Fabrics, Made-up & Garments, Leather and Leather Products – Saddle, Overcoat, Jackets,All type of Accessories,
Roads/ Soil Testing/ Inspection, Food Product Inspection & Telecom. Auditing of school, engineering Colleges, ITI, Private Computer Institute Raw materials covering Steel Plates, Tubes, Pipes, Forgings & Castings. Line Pipes for oil transportation to API Pressure vessels & heat exchangers against National / International Standards, intended for Chemicals & Fertilizer Plants. Power generating equipment covering Boilers, Turbines, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Piping, Welded Structures, Ash / Coal Handling / Water Treatment Plants & Boiler Accessories. Electrical equipment covering Motors, Generators, Transformers, Power Transmission / Distribution Control Panels. Storage tanks for Chemicals / LPG / Cryogenic & Non-Cryogenic Service, against API 620 & API 650 standards. Lifting Gear & Material Handling Systems Fire Fighting Systems & Installations Diesel Engines, Pumps, Valves, Gear Boxes etc., Hydraulic Hoses, Fasteners, Maintenance Spares etc.,

We offer best services related to third party inspection which includes the Final inspection and testing of product.
We are having highly dedicated, experienced and competent team of Engineers with vital industrial experience in the field of inspection & testing of products as per Indian standards as well as International standards like ASTM, DIN, JIS, JASO, EC & ANSI.