• Are you seeking to expand your business?
  • Do you need help meeting international standards?

At 3m group service, we are experts in helping businesses reach out worldwide and we look forward to helping you.

We have worked closely with many industries in the MENA region, with clients who have dreamt of an international management standard which will enable them to reach the next level. We have helped them to strengthen their relationship with multinational industries and develop the necessary skills to adapt. As a result of this, we were successful in equipping them with guaranteed international standards which allowed their businesses to grow.

At 3m group service, we have worked with a diversity of businesses varying from food technology and production to information technology. Our clients vary, from SMEs to large corporations.

Our goal at 3m group service is to provide an effective international management system to industries in the GCC and MENA region. Such as ISO 9001 ISO 22000 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001

Our consultants provide international solutions necessary for your business to ensure you are successful in achieving your goals. Take a look at our solutions and services.


Our vision is to satisfy our clients by implementing an operative management system.

At 3m group service, our work is based on four main principles:

  1. Reliability
  2. Excellence
  3. Collaboration
  4. Equality


Our company values are:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Continuous progression
  3. Cooperation
  4. Accountability
  5. Harmony


Our mission is to strive for client satisfaction through the implementation of effective management systems which lead to sustainable development of businesses and enhancing their ability to compete.