Our range of experienced consultants can offer you a number of other services, including:

Management System Maintenance

Once your Management System is implemented, it should be easily maintained. However, many clients prefer to have a specialist maintain the system, independently. Now a large part of our business, we can add value to your business by ‘driving’ the continual improvement program, maintaining third party certification and regularly reviewing your processes.

Executive Management Advice

Business mentoring coaching, call it what you want. An independent, experienced set of eyes to advise senior management on key decision is an “insurance policy” many successful business owners are turning to.

Internal Audit

Other clients choose to maintain their Management System but call on 3m group service to independently conduct their internal audits. This service saves your staff’s time and ensures a specialist adds value to the review in preparation for third party auditing.

Business Improvement

Having consulted for more than a decade in Australia, Asia and the US to small and large organisations alike, and at all levels within those organisations, 3m group service is well experienced in identifying and resolving management difficulties. We are able to assist in organisational change, restructuring, productivity improvements, continuous improvement and leadership training.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fast becoming a business imperative in Europe and the US, Corporate Social Responsibility will soon become necessary for Australian and Asian companies to embrace. Based on international standards, this program can be integrated with your other management systems to ensure you reflect societal requirements in your business practices.

Business Planning

Business survival depends on the pursuit of well planned business goals which reflect the intentions of the owner or directors. It is imperative that you plan and document those goals, and set targets against which you can measure your performance.

Marketing Plans

How you market your business will govern your success; no business can afford not to identify the most effective methods of marketing your particular products/services.

Enterprise Improvement Plan

Through an Enterprise Review, one of our consultants can solicit your customers, suppliers, work force and other interested parties to discover issues where they perceive the company can improve. These issues are then investigated to identify the real areas where you can focus your efforts to maximise improvement. The resultant Enterprise Improvement Plan is used by the Company to initiate, implement and measure improvement.

World Competitive Manufacturing

To compete equally with other countries, our manufacturers must adopt world’s best practice. World Competitive Manufacturing is a program which ensures businesses adopt such practices.

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